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Women's hosiery imports by US declines in June 2023


The price of women's hosiery in the United States decreased by 1.5% in June 2023 to $488 per thousand pairs (CIF, US). This was the third consecutive month of decline, and the lowest price since October 2022.

The decline in prices was driven by a number of factors, including strengthening of the U.S. dollar against other currencies, which made imported hosiery more expensive, increased competition from domestic manufacturers and a decline in demand for hosiery, as more women opt for pants and other legwear.

Despite the decline in prices, imports of women's hosiery to the United States increased by 9.5% in June 2023 to 384 million pairs. This was the seventh consecutive month of growth, and the highest level since July 2022.

China remained the largest supplier of women's hosiery to the United States, accounting for 67% of imports by volume. Pakistan was the second-largest supplier, with a 12% share, followed by El Salvador with 7.4%.

In terms of value, China also remained the largest supplier, accounting for 57% of imports. Pakistan was the second-largest supplier, with a 11% share, followed by El Salvador with 8.2%.

The average monthly growth rate of women's hosiery imports from China was -1.2% in the six months leading up to June 2023. The average monthly growth rates for Pakistan and El Salvador were +5.8% and +2.1%, respectively.

Overall, the U.S. women's hosiery market is expected to remain relatively flat in the coming months. The decline in prices is likely to continue, but imports are expected to remain stable.



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