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Warp-knit fabrics fuel UV-protective boom in China


In China, the pursuit of fair and aristocratic-looking skin is intertwining with a rising need for sun protection due to extreme heatwaves and the popularity of outdoor sports. Traditional sunscreens, plagued by their cumbersome application and health concerns, are being replaced by UV clothing and accessories. According to China Insights Consultancy, this market reached 67 billion yuan in 2022 and is projected to grow by 9.4% annually until 2026.

Clothing, hats, shoes, accessories, and even facekinis are all sought-after items in this market. A key material for effective sun protection is a warp-knitted fabric produced by the HKS 2-SE tricot machine, turning it into one of Karl Mayer's best-selling machines in China. This elastic, lightweight, and breathable fabric offers UV protection and comfort, making it ideal for sun protective clothing.

The choice of polyamide microfiber yarn for this fabric grants UV resistance, softness, and a cooling effect, along with high productivity. In contrast to traditional woven fabrics made from natural fibers like linen, these warp-knitted counterparts outshine in comfort and breathability. 

The efficiency and precision of the HKS 2-SE machine, producing high-quality textiles at remarkable speeds, have further solidified its place in the sun-protective clothing production landscape.

China's Growing Demand for UV-Protective Clothing Sparks Boom in HKS 2-SE Warp-Knitted Fabric.



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