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Savio to unveil latest innovations at ITM 2024


Savio is set to unveil its latest innovations, the Proxima Smartconer automatic winder and the Lybra Smartspinner air-jet spinning machine, at the ITM 2024 exhibition in Istanbul from June 4th to 8th.

The Proxima Smartconer boasts advanced winding capabilities, emphasizing productivity and connectivity, while the Lybra Smartspinner offers versatile, cost-effective air-jet spinning solutions. Both machines will be showcased at the ITM 2024 exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey, highlighting Savio’s commitment to technological advancement in the textile industry.

By attending the ITM exhibition from June 04-08, 2024, Savio aims to demonstrate how its innovations can enhance competitive advantages for customers. 

The Proxima Smartconer has been meticulously designed to meet customer needs, focusing on high productivity, low energy consumption, premium yarn quality, automation, and data connectivity. This investment in advanced equipment is intended to streamline operations, reduce manual labor, and increase overall productivity. The Proxima Smartconer excels in delivering faster, safer, and higher-quality output with less waste, maintenance, and resource consumption.

Savio’s new air-jet spinning machine, the Lybra Smartspinner, represents a significant leap in textile production. Developed with innovative spinning technology, the Lybra Smartspinner caters to specific applications such as knitting, home textiles, and sunshades. Air-jet spun yarn, known for its soft and smooth texture, is ideal for creating both functional and fashionable fabrics.

The Lybra Smartspinner is designed to be versatile, flexible, cost-saving, and user-friendly. It enables yarn manufacturers to achieve high production rates and low processing costs. Unlike conventional ring spinning, air-jet spinning uses slivers directly, integrating roving, spinning, and winding into a single process. This approach reduces space requirements by 25 per cent-30 per cent compared to ring-spinning equipment of the same capacity, leading to lower building costs.

 Additionally, the reduced space needs less climate control and fewer operating personnel, resulting in significant savings and maximising return on investment.

Savio's participation in ITM 2024 underscores its dedication to advancing textile technology and supporting its customers with innovative, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.



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