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Revolutionary software: Knitwear design training online


In a transformative move for the knitting industry, the introduction of the Create Design software solution promises to revolutionize the development and design process for knitwear, significantly expediting the journey from concept to market launch. Boasting a suite of sophisticated features, including Shape & Grading functions, a diverse toolkit for digital structure development, a color generator, and flexible yarn creation options, Create Design offers unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Recent demonstrations at prestigious industry events such as Munich Fabric Start and Pitti Filati have generated significant interest, particularly among fashion and knitwear designers. Goran Sidjimovski, a Technical Designer at KM.ON and STOLL, highlights the software's appeal: "Create Design enables rapid digital design variations without the need for immediate prototyping."

To equip professionals with the skills to leverage this groundbreaking technology, online courses conducted by Sidjimovski have been announced for 2024. Scheduled throughout the year, these courses offer hands-on training in utilizing Create Design effectively. The upcoming dates are as follows:

1. February 28th and 29th (registration deadline: February 7th)

2. May 8th and 9th (registration deadline: April 17th)

3. July 17th and 18th (registration deadline: June 23rd)

4. October 16th and 17th (registration deadline: September 25th)

Sidjimovski emphasizes the accessibility of the software and the courses, welcoming participants of all skill levels. Upon completion, attendees are equipped to seamlessly integrate Create Design into their professional workflows, marking a pivotal advancement in the evolution of knitwear design.



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