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Lux Industries unveils state-of-the-art hosiery park in West Bengal


Indian hosiery giant Lux Industries has inaugurated its new manufacturing and warehousing facility at the Jagadishpur Hosiery Park in Kolkata. 

Spanning an impressive 4.5 lakh sq ft, the park houses over 5 acres dedicated to cutting-edge production, alongside extensive warehousing, storage, and finishing spaces.

This strategic move is poised to address the company's rising demand while simultaneously reducing reliance on third-party production. The park boasts a groundbreaking layout that optimizes efficiency, streamlines operations, and embodies Lux Industries' commitment to progressive manufacturing practices.

The park's 5-acre manufacturing space will house advanced equipment and machinery, ensuring top-quality production at scale.

The expansive warehousing and storage facilities will enable efficient inventory management and timely product distribution. The park’s dedicated finishing area will guarantee meticulous attention to detail and consistent product quality.

The park is expected to create substantial employment opportunities, both directly within Lux Industries and indirectly through ancillary services. Its design and operations will reflect Lux Industries' commitment to sustainability.



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