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Kent State's School of Fashion revolutionizes learning with CREATE PLUS


In a bid to enhance creativity and efficiency in fashion education, Kent State University School of Fashion has embraced the innovative CREATE PLUS software. The school, renowned for shaping the future of the US fashion industry, boasts around 1600 students in fashion design and merchandising, emphasizing real-world testing and self-confidence.

CREATE PLUS, a digital knitting program, has gained traction in recent years, with 20 programming stations now operational in the Knit LAB. Linda Ohrn-McDaniel, a key figure at the School of Fashion, highlights the software's significance for future career paths, emphasizing its versatility in teaching knitting and programming know-how.

Initially using M1plus alongside traditional methods, the school transitioned to CREATE PLUS for its advanced functionalities. Ohrn-McDaniel praises the software's clear visualization of knitted fabrics and simultaneous display of technical details, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the intricate interrelationships in fashion design.

The shift from M1plus to CREATE PLUS was not without challenges, but Ohrn-McDaniel notes that students starting directly with CREATE PLUS find it more user-friendly. The school plans to utilize CREATE PLUS extensively in upcoming courses, focusing on creating virtual patterns and prototypes. Ohrn-McDaniel emphasizes a holistic approach to teaching, starting with manual techniques before introducing more efficient methods, ensuring a solid foundation of knowledge for the students.

Kent State's adoption of CREATE PLUS marks a transformative step in fashion education, aligning with industry trends and preparing students for dynamic careers in the ever-evolving landscape of fashion design and technology.



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