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Karl Mayer Group showcases sustainable tech at JEC World

Karl Mayer Group showcases sustainable tech at JEC World


At JEC World 2024 in Paris, the Karl Mayer Group showcased its innovative technologies in multiaxial reinforcement fabrics and technical flat knitting solutions. While satisfied with the response, the company acknowledges a challenging economic landscape. Hagen Lotzmann, Vice President Sales, notes a pause in investments within the composites industry, attributing it to low demand and pressure on margins.

Market pressures and industry dynamics 

Lotzmann identifies two significant pressures affecting the market: low demand and plummeting raw material prices. The dominance of glass fibers in the composite industry faces challenges due to stagnated growth in wind energy, disrupting demand and leading to oversupply issues. Additionally, disrupted supply chains from past crises and high energy costs further compound the industry's challenges.

Conversely, carbon non-crimp fabrics represent a stable market for the Karl Mayer Group, with a consistent project pipeline. Lotzmann emphasizes their competitive edge with the Cop Max 5 machine, enabling precise and efficient production tailored to specific applications.

Innovation in flat knitting and sustainability 

Martin Legner, head of Stoll application technology, highlights the increasing importance of carbon fiber processing on flat knitting machines. The integration of thermoplastics in knitting technology presents promising innovations, such as durable housing cases, showcasing the potential for sustainable solutions in lightweight construction.

Lotzmann discusses the industry's openness to sustainability innovations, citing positive responses to exhibits like hemp-based skis. Despite growing interest, challenges remain, particularly in pricing and raw material extraction. However, Lotzmann asserts that technology, like multiaxial warp knitting machines, can significantly contribute to advancing sustainable practices.

Industry diversification and market prospects 

While the sports industry shows openness to environmentally friendly innovations, automotive engineering remains cost-conscious. Nevertheless, the Karl Mayer Group continues to drive innovation across sectors, particularly in automotive composites, where their technology has been instrumental in projects such as the BMW i sub-brand.

As a longstanding development partner in the composites industry, the Karl Mayer Group remains committed to providing first-class expertise and innovative solutions. With a focus on sustainability and technological advancement, the company looks forward to addressing new challenges and driving progress in the industry.



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