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Karl Mayer celebrates 75 years with Georg+Otto Friedrich


Karl Mayer, the renowned textile machine manufacturer, celebrates its enduring partnership with Georg+Otto Friedrich (GOF), a pioneer in warp-knitted digital printing fabrics and technical textiles. This remarkable collaboration began 75 years ago when Karl Mayer delivered its first warp knitting machine to GOF. To commemorate this milestone, GOF recently gifted Karl Mayer with its seventh machine, showcasing their unwavering loyalty.

Over the years, this partnership has not only advanced warp knitting but also driven innovation. GOF played a pivotal role in testing and refining Karl Mayer's models, leading to the development of wider and more sophisticated machines. Today, they stand as the largest customer for Karl Mayer's cutting-edge HKS 3-M ON tricot machines, producing an impressive 650 tons of warp-knitted fabrics monthly.

However, their collaboration goes beyond technological achievements. GOF prioritizes sustainability, pioneering the use of recycled materials and environmentally responsible practices. They have introduced product lines made from recycled post-consumer PET, including DecoTex Blue, a fabric comprising over 60% SEAQUAL polyester fibers sourced from recycled marine plastic. The company has also committed to offsetting its CO₂ footprint through the PLANT-MY-TREE reforestation program, exemplifying their environmental responsibility.

Moreover, GOF emphasizes energy efficiency, with extensive solar installations covering their facilities, generating 30% of their electricity needs. Their commitment to sustainability positions them as leaders in the textile industry.

Karl Mayer Sales Manager Julian Schubert values this partnership not just for its technological achievements but also for the shared commitment to sustainability. As these two industry leaders continue their journey together, they exemplify how long-term collaborations can shape the future of sustainable textiles.



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