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Jeanologia goes airborne - Textile revolution at Kingpins Amsterdam


Jeanologia, a pioneering Spanish company specializing in eco-efficient technologies, is set to revolutionize the textile industry at Kingpins Amsterdam, taking place from October 18-19 in SugarCity, Amsterdam. The firm will unveil its cutting-edge innovations that promise to usher in a new era of air-powered and highly efficient textile production, underpinned by automation and digitization.

The company's visionary approach signifies the end of the water era in textile processing, with a focus on harnessing the power of air. Jeanologia's atmospheric washing process, Atmos, allows for the creation of authentic vintage garments without the use of water, pumice stones, or chemicals. It's a game-changer that offers both sustainable production and the preservation of traditional denim aesthetics.

Jeanologia's G2 ozone technology is another breakthrough, dramatically reducing water and chemical consumption in denim and knitwear production. The system achieves a natural wear tone more quickly and cost-effectively, all while reducing environmental impact.

With the Atmos process and G2 ozone technology, the textile industry can dry-finish jeans with an authentic vintage look, eliminating traditional polluting processes and increasing sustainability. This innovation, a part of the "Washed by the atmosphere ecosystem," not only benefits textile companies' profitability but also contributes to greater sustainability in the textile finishing industry.

For over 25 years, Jeanologia has been on a mission to transform the textile industry into an ethical, sustainable, and eco-efficient field. Its range of disruptive technologies has garnered the trust of major brands, with over 35% of jeans produced globally using their solutions. 

Jeanologia's dedication to sustainability, digitalization, and automation is set to reshape the industry, proving that the future of textiles lies in the power of air and eco-conscious technologies.



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