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Groz-Beckert, Vanguard Pailung collaborate on circular knitting needle


In a innovative collaboration with Vanguard Pailung, Groz-Beckert unveils a game-changing innovation in knitting machine technology. The introduction of an innovative slider needle marks a significant leap forward in the realm of ultra-high-speed knitting machines for body-sized products. This revolutionary needle technology, unveiled for the first time at the prestigious ITMA event in June 2023, promises to redefine productivity standards in the industry.

The partnership between Groz-Beckert and Vanguard Pailung exemplifies a strategic approach to innovation, with a focus on co-development projects. Leveraging Groz-Beckert's Technology and Development Center (TEZ), both companies collaborated closely to bring this cutting-edge solution to fruition. The result is a new generation of circular knitting machines equipped with the advanced slider needle technology, poised to outperform conventional systems in speed and productivity.

Unlike traditional latch needles, the slide needles operate without a needle latch, utilizing a controlled slide mechanism within its channel. This innovative design enables the needles to withstand high speeds without the hindrance of latch impact, thereby significantly enhancing productivity.

The adoption of slide needles in ultra-high-speed machines ensures unparalleled process reliability. By guiding the closer safely and precisely within the needle shank groove while maintaining maximum stability, the slider needle eliminates the risk of latch impact, guaranteeing a uniform and speed-independent loop structure even at maximum speeds.

The success of this collaborative endeavor can be attributed to transparent communication and shared utilization of data and design specifications from the project's inception. This achievement underscores the transformative potential of industry partnerships in driving innovation and advancing technological frontiers.



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