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Groz-Beckert & Santoni launch Innotas knitting system


Italian circular knitting machine giant, Santoni, in collaboration with Groz-Beckert, has pioneered an innovative self-cleaning knitting system, Innotas, set to redefine efficiency and sustainability in textile manufacturing. This innovative system features the SAN DUO needle and SNK DUO-OL sinker, promising a paradigm shift in circular knitting technology.

Motivated by the industry's increasing sustainability demands and the quest for heightened efficiency, Groz-Beckert initiated the project, aiming to create an energy-efficient knitting solution. The collaboration, sanctioned in January 2015, birthed a revolutionary design integrating self-cleaning mechanisms within the needle area, boasting side-by-side needles and a low shank configuration.

Field trials conducted in 2016 showcased promising results, with the double filling in the needle channel drastically reducing soiling, while the enhanced design facilitated automatic removal of yarn lint during the knitting process, elongating cleaning intervals and boosting productivity.

Noteworthy features include the low shaft of both the SAN DUO needle and SNK DUO-OL sinker, minimizing contamination, and a predetermined breaking notch ensuring controlled needle breakage, minimizing errors and downtimes.

Groz-Beckert extends collaborative opportunities to machine builders for product enhancement through its Technology and Development Center (TEZ), yielding joint patents, exemplified by the fruitful partnership with Santoni. This collaborative venture stands as a testament to industry leaders' commitment to innovation and sustainability, heralding a new era in circular knitting technology.



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