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Bangladesh's FY23 export earnings: $55.55B, fall short

Bangladesh's export earnings for the financial year 2022-23 reached $55.55 billion, according to data released by the Export Promotion Bureau. However, this figure fell short by 4.21% of the government's target of $58 billion. 

Despite the shortfall, there was a growth of 6.67% or $3.47 billion compared to the previous year's earnings of $52.08 billion. In June 2023, export earnings experienced a year-on-year growth of 2.51%, totaling $5.03 billion, compared to $4.90 billion in June 2022. Nevertheless, June's earnings were 9.61% below the government's target of $5.56 billion. 

Notably, the export earnings from readymade garments in FY23 increased by 10.27% to $46.99 billion, while earnings from woven garments grew by 9.65% to $21.25 billion. Additionally, earnings from knitwear exports rose by 10.87% to $25.73 billion, as per the EPB data. 

Overall, Bangladesh's export sector demonstrated growth in the financial year, albeit falling short of the government's set targets.



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